The 7th generation of Lion Country bred Setters is on the ground!

My male, I’m Lucky 3, aka Pressy, is the sire of this well-bred litter. He’s a real stud and available at my kennel. Stud fee charge of $800 or sometimes first pick of the new litter.

Contact me if you are looking for a pup. Breeder/owner of dam has pups available as of now. I’ll forward this to James Spicher if you’re interested.

My partner Steven and LCS staff are doing a great job keeping our cozy pets happy. Me, I’m at Bird Dog Ranch/Farm upgrading buildings and tending my plantings of switchgrass, sorghum, brome, and bluestem. I even built a pond for water retrieving last summer. The five bird dogs and now a puppy are keeping me busy in my semi-retirement.

I hope to offer quality bird-dogs and maybe birds in the future. Fun stuff!

Thanks for your continued support of Lion Country Supply. Stay safe and hug your dog!

John “Buck” Koritko
Partner/founder LCS.

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