Autumns Best to all ‘our’ friends and

Customers! It’s time I stop huntin’

Fishin’ and farmin’ and tell you all

A good story.

First I say ‘our’ because I’m proud to formally announce that I now have a partner! Steven Stiner who has been my General Manager the past 2 years is now co-owner of Lion Country Supply!

Steven is an avid hunter, dogman and

a veteran and like a son to me. I’ll remain on until my transition is complete and he gradually purchases my remaining shares and one day become full owner.

Please join me in congratulating Steven and give him your full support.

Please help ‘us’ to keep my dream alive well past this ‘my’45th year.

Autumn’s Best……buck.

Oh the photo

I’m a bow hunter again!  234# 9 point

Homegrown on my Lion Country Farm.

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