Thought I’d share this video that a Customer sent from Montana.



These are wild Huns in his back yard. Got me fired up with hopes of a good year for Huns at least. I’m wondering how the Sharpies are doing out that way.

The grouse brood sightings in Pa are few and far in between here in central Pa. reports from customers are more encouraging in the Allegheny National Forest and more Northern Pa counties.

More Good News:

My lifelong dream of my own Bird Dog Training Grounds has had me busy all spring and summer. In April I bought a small farm near our home at Auction  from elderly bird dog friend. Just 57 acres but my own spot to hunt and train.

I’ve been planting food and cover strips for liberated birds amid the forage crops already there for market. Planted a apple orchard and now 3 Better LCS Johnny houses are ready for Chukar’s and quail to work our dogs.

I’m having a ball but have lots to learn about farming. I’ll be making some videos that I think you all will enjoy of my farm and training grounds.

Stay tuned.

Yours for birds! …… Buck

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