As a rule my old wildlife biologist friend Steve “woodcock” Liscinsky always said “stay out of the woods with your dog the whole month of May”. I usually say June too as these 2 months are when nesting birds and other critters are most vulnerable to disturbances. Instead, we enjoy Springtime foraging that starts with ramp (or wild leek) picking in late April and morel mushroom hunting mid may. They provide a diversion when the wild birds and other critters are nesting and having young and we should not be running dogs in the woods. A dog that is well mannered and under total close control is acceptable with an ecollar for added insurance. Woodcock banding with broke bird dogs is great fun in May if your dog is truly broke and you become a cooperator in your state’s program. Game laws and wardens make the call there. Best you do your dog yard work now and stay out of the woods so you’ll be ready to find and train on young wild birds in August and September on cooler mornings.


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