Here’s some photos of my son Mike’s SILVER LAB at 8 weeks and at 4 months. I didn’t even know silver was an color option but it must be on the new 2013 and newer models. Mike appropriately named him Frank Silver and we ordered him one of the new LCS custom nylon collars with that imprinted on it. If anyone out there has silver labs or has info about them please let me know. Mike picked the biggest male in the litter so stay tuned for more about little Frank.


P.S. He also has his own Facebook page

Frank at 8 weeks

Frank Silver at 8 weeks

Frank Silver at 4 months

Frank at 4 months

My sons silver lab Frank Silver with an LCS custom embroidered collar

My sons silver lab Frank Silver with an LCS custom embroidered collar

2 comments to “Meet Frank Silver”

  1. Robert Stoeberl

    As a breeder of silvers thank you for showing your sons puppy!!!

  2. Tommy Shaffer

    Being that Pa. grouse season has been over since January, I’ve been chasing grouse near three points (Md., Pa. Wv,) and like the fact that WV permits grouse hunting until the end of Feb. However, I never thought crime would affect my grouse pursuits. To wit, the Federal Prison near Bruceton, WV has employed hundreds of employees and has caused a housing development boom. Buck, all the areas that we hunted, and George “Bird Evans,” once hunted long ago, are posted or developed. Despite this sad encrochment, Lindo and flushed 4 at once; one point, no kills. My best day this season in Fayette County was 14 flushes. I believe the birds are down 30 to 50% due to the wet Spring of 2013.

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