Here’s the easiest and most simple dog waterer you will ever use. Save two  1 gallon Clorox or similar heavy duty plastic bottles. Draw a nice even line with a marker 4 inches up from the bottom of one. Take time to mark with a ruler first then Cut all the way around it with good scissors or a sharp knife. The uncut gallon jug simply nests inside the cut one and is the travel bowl for the full gallon of water you carry along on walks or just keep in the truck.

I keep multiple jugs in my truck and also use them to cool down dogs who become overheated in the field. If you ever walked a brace at pointing dog trials you often see the scout (or handler) carrying a jug like this especially in grouse trials where the course may take you several miles.I find myself still using these jugs even though I have a 30 gallon tank under my 6 hole truck topper. Thanks to Paul Rebarchak for first showing one to us at a Nittany Bird Dog Club trial 30 years ago. Yea-He’s older than dirt. Stay COOL!

-John “Buck” Koritko

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