speedstarHere’s a photo of Deuces new lady I call Speedstar pointing a grouse this past fall. She is a full sister to Dick Brenneman’s dog Jen that was the 2 year old grouse dog of the year last year her brother also won the Simatore award and the Purina high point grouse dog of the year for 2012. I bought her with plans to breed her to my man Deuce aka Lion Country’s “I’m lucky too”. Stay tuned to my blog for progress and more info on this in the future.

2 comments to “Lion Country’s Deuce gets a mate!”

  1. Mark Zepp

    Buck –

    Love the new Site!!

    Amber, Wyatt and Mark Zepp

  2. johnkoritko

    Mark,Thanks for the nice comment and thank you for taking some of the photos! Marks photos are- all the best ones! and this coming Fall catalog cover will be a real cool Mark Zepp hunting action shot. New LCS website project done and now we move right into Fall catalog.OH- Not without a brief sidestop to upgrade Doubleshotguns.com. When am I going to get to fish??? …..buck

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