worlds-premier-hunting-dog-supplierOl’ Buck’s been super busy over the past 4 months and now you can see some of the results. My web team did a great job making this website “LCS Better” in a whole lot of ways. The ease of navigation, the ordering, the cool drop downs with expanded information, the interactive blogs and LCS Elite Staff Tips are unmatched in our industry.

Now I need all my customers to do me a favor and send me your comments. Type your likes or dislikes right in the comment box at the bottom of this post and press “Submit Comment”.  Help us find any glitches or mistakes anywhere from spelling to broken links.

Thanks in advance for viewing our updated site and for your continued support.

View the NEW LCSupply.com – World’s Premier Hunting Dog Supplier!

-John “Buck” Koritko

16 comments to “The NEW LCSupply.com from the World’s Premier Hunting Dog Supplier”

  1. Janine

    The new site looks great. What a handsome guy in the blog photo.

  2. Jack Orsi

    Your products,support and staff are just the best. Makes me wish I lived closer by!

  3. Fred Metzger

    Great job! Very modern website but keeps the hometown feel of LCS. The history of LCS is an American success story!

  4. Paulette Gabriel

    Bucky: This is as good as any I have seen…and better than most! Nice work. I really like the drop down menus and that you can navigate to different places from each page. GREAT!!

  5. Jack "Grouse Commander" Rosenswie

    The new LCS web is so easy to navigate – great job from your web master team & staff!

    Grouse Commander

  6. Scott Sipple

    Excellent information, product knowledge, and easy to navigate through the new website. Great job on the LCS website improvement! Scott

  7. April

    Great job with new website. Easy to navigate. Robust search function. Thanks for thinking of the customer.

  8. Guillermo tucci

    Hey…great look! Did you hire a model to sit next to that great looking dog? That guys WAY too good looking! I guess make up artists can do wonders these days! No…seriously it’s a great site and reflects a whole bunch of work . Can’t sit still in today’s world and LCS is plowing ahead!

  9. Michael Perez

    I really like what you have done with your new site and it is Extremely fast and easy to navigate. Keep up the good work.

  10. Bob Montler

    Super Web Site!

    You keep raising the Bar higher and the site is easy to navigate.

    Keep up the Great Work!

  11. Andrienne

    Love the new website! Very easy to use!!

  12. Sherry Ray Ebert

    Hey there Buck, your website is really nice I do not go to these things very often but this is a good one. I appreciate all the good service from your staff and sure enjoyed our visit the other day.When I was there doing the seminar I was really impressed with your store and the way it is run but best of all the way you try to keep your prices down. Thanks again. Sherry

  13. Greg Van Curen

    Website looks great, only thing missing are some e-collars from E-Collar Technologies.

  14. Michael Schrekenhofer

    Awesome job on the new site! Simple, clean, and easy on the eyes…nicely done!

  15. Kelly P

    What a great site. It is always a treat to visit LC Supply.

  16. Johng984

    I loved your blog article. Really Cool. ddbbabeeabka

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