The SportDog presenter last year at Lion country’s bird dog days was Ed Rader. Ed will be 80 soon so he bought himself what else… A beautiful Cobra that makes him feel like he’s 30. He Texted me that “she’s was wicked fast”. Needless to say my friend Ed is not your typical 80 year old .
Ed guides sometimes at wildwings lodge as has great setters and even better stories…

Best wishes….buck

2 comments to “Ed Rader’s Cobra”

  1. Michael

    That is a really nice car! Enjoy it!

  2. Jack Sankey

    What a RIDE!…any chance I could borrow it for the Prom?

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Hello Bird Hunters,

I’m posting this blog to help you post your blog and your comments to my blog. Because in the blogging world it’s important to blog together, so we can all communicate on the blog at the same time.

Blogging is really easy.

There are two options to submit your own blog.

  1. Write your blog on a Word Document and send it to my email address and I will have it published on my blog. Also send any photos that you want to be published with the blog post. 
  2. Write your blog in an email along with any photos and send it to me. I will have it published on my blog.

Commenting on my blog is really easy too.

  1.  Just scroll down to the bottom of the blog where it says “Leave a comment for Buck about this post…” and write your comment. Then push the “Submit Comment” button.
  2. I’ll be able to see your comment and then write a comment back to you.

I look forward to reading your blog post.


One comment to “How to post a blog or comment by John “Buck” Koritko”

  1. Steve

    Buck, thanks for this post. I was wondering how to do a comment on your blog and now I know how.

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Jim Chambers Setter Pointing Woodcock

My good friend Jimmy Chambers of Walnut Hills Kennel sent me this photo taken during a recent training session with his fancy setter dog Walnut Hills Spot Blue. Blue was steady to wing and shot in the photo.

On March 14, 2016, Jimmy’s dog Blue pointed 3 woodcock during a primer pistol training session near his home in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Jimmy said that while training two days prior there were no woodcock found in that same location, so he believes the woodcock are migrating through his area of Southwestern Pennsylvania right now, at this very moment.

I think it’s interesting that the RGS spring migration satellite map shows there was a tagged woodcock in Jimmy’s location around that same time he was training.

Jimmy is the owner of Walnut Hills Kennels and the owner of English Setter Walnut Hills Rockett. Rockett is the littermate to CH Full Blast and my Speed dog. Rockett will be having a litter in the fall of 2016 if anyone is interested.

You can contact Walnut Hills Kennel at 412-691-0196 for information about the upcoming litter.

Visit the RGS website to follow the American Woodcock migration live by satellite….buck

One comment to “Walnut Hills Kennel Setter Pointing a Migrating Woodcock”

  1. Darren

    The woodcock migration satellite map doesn’t show any woodcock heading through Central PA but I know several people have seen them.

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Buck with Champion Full Blast and Mark Hughes

I’d like to share with you an interesting story about an English Setter named Full Blast that has accomplished some amazing things in the grouse woods over the past few years.

Full Blast is owned by my good friends Dick and Helen Brenneman and Bob and Janet Watts, and was bred by my lifelong buddy Jimmy Chambers of Walnut Hill Kennel. Full Blast is handled by Dave Hughes of Hughesview Kennel, and I’m proud to say that Full Blast is the full brother to my Speed female. Her puppies Trey and Lilly featured on our 40th anniversary catalog are by my coverboy Deuce aka Lion Country’s I’m lucky too. (Tip. Pro trainer Nick Mellon has a nice male down south that he might sell.)

Full Blast “Jeb” started to shine at an early age. His desire to stand bird led to wins in some quail shooting dog stakes. After winning the cover dog derby award (Flanagan Award) in 2012, he was having a very impressive beginning, eventually leading to a Grand National Grouse Championship in 2015.

Local challenges are where Full Blast began to prove that he had the vigor and concentration to win under very competitive environments. The Lost Pond Open Walking Shooting Dog in the spring of 2013 in New York is an event he won out of 44 entrants, and a short time later he had a 1st place at the DuBois Open Walking Shooting Dog out of 34 entrants. Later that year at the Michigan Woodcock Championship, he had all three woodcock and a grouse find during his hunt to capture him another win in a field of 61 dogs. After Michigan, he was awarded Runner-Up at the Pennsylvania Grouse Championship held in Marionville, PA. It was obvious Jeb was building momentum for future championships.

2015 Grand National Grouse Champion Full Blast

In the spring of 2014, Jeb returned to the Marienville grounds to win the Ontario Grouse Championship with a grouse find in the closing minute. This impressive win eventually led to five-year-old Jeb winning the 73rd Grand National Grouse Championship in 2015. After four days of running the Allegheny National Forest against 49 of the best cover dogs in the country, Jeb was declared Grand National Grouse Champion.

As bird dogs are asked to perform under tougher conditions, the dogs that are able to hunt birds under these conditions often shine above the others, and this is something that Full Blast is very good at doing.

All of Jeb’s Championship wins came with his pro trainer Dave Hughes. Dave deserves much credit for shaping Jeb into an exceptional dog.

Full Blast is sired by 5X wildbird Champion Pennstar, and now Full Blast is siring pups that are winning a lot too!



3 comments to “Setters and Pointer Stud Dogs”

  1. Jim Chambers

    I have been introduced to many top pointing dog trainers by John (buck)Koritko amateurs and pros . When I purchased Jebs momma from good frien Randal Moore and asked Bucks opinion on who to breed her to Buck did not hesitate and said Dicks PENNSTAR. The rest is history ! Thanks Buck and Dick Brennman for picking training and campaigning this special bird dog !!

  2. Deb Fields

    Could you please let me know how I can get in touch with you about purchasing a female English Setter pup.

    Thanks. Deb Fields

  3. Jim Chambers

    Miss Fields , Don’t know when Buck will b having a litter . I’ll b breeding littermate to Full Blast and Bucks female in the fall . Thanks Jim Chambers

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Roger Hoover Barracuda

Where in the world is my buddy Roger Hoover now?


My buddy and renowned Ruffed Grouse guide and international fisherman Roger Hoover sent this to me this morning. He’s in the Florida Keys for the entire month of February and said the barracuda are biting real hard.

Roger, you are one lucky guy!

See you soon…buck.




4 comments to “Where in the world is Roger Hoover?”

  1. Roger

    Hey Buck, Thanks for posting my barracuda on your blog. I wish you were here for this trip.

  2. John Koritko

    Have fun Roger the smallies are lined up like cordwood up here and ready for our hair jigs. See you in a couple weeks…. Buck

  3. Darren

    Looks like a great time. I wish I could be there.

  4. Jim Chambers

    Hey Rodger that is one hell of a fish ! Congratulations

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Quail Training with Mr Buck

Grouse were really down again in Pennsylvania and getting bird contacts for my young dogs on wild birds was tougher than ever. (Next fall I hope to find a cabin to rent up in Michigan or Wisconsin if the birds are good there. Anyone willing to recommend a small cabin please contact me at LCS.)

This year I’ve been buying 2 dozen quail every couple weeks. It’s really easy to pick them up at the post office and much less than preserve prices around here of about $14 a bird. 24 quail shipped by U.S. Postal mail costs me about $135, including $4.50 for the required cardboard bird shipping box. That works out to $5 per bird and the option to train on your schedule

Quail are the easiest bird to acquire and use for pointing dogs. Pheasant run too much and cost too much and can’t be shipped.I keep mine in my LCS Johnny house that we sell plans for. A large LCS bird carry cage with our gravity feeder and waterer can house them for about a week. Feed regular quail food not scratch or birdseed. Use them in a week or they won’t fly as well.

I plant 1 or 2 birds for each dog and only shoot them if they are steady to flush. Always let the dogs drag a stiff check cord. Leave the ecollars out for now. (Don’t shock young dogs around birds unless they have gone they the entire collar conditioning process.) That way you can step on the check cord and stop them from creeping and flushing. Don’t say anything.

Don’t overdo it either, birds are like candy! A piece or 2 is great, more looses interest. If you get a good point and kill stop there. Next dog. Set them up to succeed. Quality not quantity on young dogs. Always trying to end on a good note is the key to a happy eager hunting companion… and hunter.


Cheers… Mr Buck

3 comments to “Training with Mr. Buck”

  1. Joe Lint

    What s the name and website address for the supplier where you purchase 24 quail for $135?

  2. John Koritko

    I get my quail from a few different sources. It is best to read local forms and search on Google for the best local bird sources, so that shipping is the fastest. The quickest shipping leads to better flying bird.

    If you are local to Pennsylvania, two good sources are

  3. Dick Hanny

    Buck get Dave Hughes to do more video’s using your products. He is the best. I send all my dogs to him and buy everything he says about your products. Take a look at my account and see what I’ve spent thanks to Dave Hughes. Your friend, Dick Hanny

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Anne Quinn Corr, a friend and customer of Lion Country Supply, sent us this photo of how some dogs live the good life in Salzburg, Austria.. Can you imagine taking your dog with you to dinner in a fine dining restaurant? Here’s a private dining room in St. Peter’s Stiftskeller, the oldest restaurant in Europe,dating to the year 803, with a comfy place for the canines.










This second photo, of the dog water fountain is from the mall Discount Designer’s Outlet in Salzburg, where everything is upscale and there is nothing discount about it.












Anne taught in the foods lab for the nutrition department at Penn State for 16 years and taught classes in international cuisine for the School of Hospitality Management.  You might be interested in reading some recipes on her website and her blog. You can also download her “Igloo: Recipes to Cure the Winter Blues” IOS cookbook.


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My son mike is a player in the Washington, D.C. Food scene. His Business Rise Gluten Free Bakery, was again featured in the Washington Post today.

Maybe our friends and customers can pass this along if they know people in D. C. Or like Rise on Facebook. Every comment helps.

Thanks…. Buck

Rise Gluten Free Bakery Article


2 comments to “Mike’s Bakery made the Washington Post Today!”

  1. Anne Corr

    I’d drive to DC for gluten-free croissants!

  2. Joe Gentilcore

    Nice to see Mike in the spotlight.
    Great review.
    Jo Jo

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John Koritko and Lion Country Supply would like to send prayers and best wishes to the Ugartechea family for a good recovery for his long-time friend and business partner Ignacio Ugartechea.

Lion Country is honored to have the distinction of being the sole importer of Ugartechea shotguns in the U.S. since 1996. Ugartechea custom shotguns are very important to Lion Country’s line up of high quality side-by-side shotguns.


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That simple question ranks as the most frequently asked question ever at Lion Country Supply. Andy Purnell has been gone a year now and I’d like to share some stories of this unique dog man who anchored our phone sales team for 10 years. His reasons for being late varied every morning but I always found them entertaining, so here are some of my favorites.
1) I slept in because we had an all-night bobcat chase into another county. It was awesome dude!

2) I had another flat tire …need new tires but can’t afford ‘em. Hint!

3) My beagle pup had her first long chase. I was too beautiful to stop.

4) I swerved to miss a bear and my dog box fell out of the truck bed and rolled down Rattlesnake Mountain. Buck, you need to sell a tie-down kit!

5) Dude, bunnies were everywhere this morning. You’re a dog man so you understand, but I’m on it now.

6) A rattlesnake bit ol’ Blue and his face swelled up like a basketball. They wanted $600 cash just for the anti-venom, so at 3:00 am I had to go get cash.

7) Some low life stole my coon dog! I knew they had him cause my GPS said he was doing 45mph across Penns Valley Road. Blue is fast but not that fast. I finally caught up with them at Red Oak Tavern. Their truck door was locked with Blue inside. I wrapped my chain tree tie lead around my fist and smashed the truck window and got my Blue out. Then went inside and offered to smash the guy who stole him and asked if he had any objections to his window.

This was as mad as I ever heard Andy get. But he didn’t cuss telling it and he didn’t woop the guy either. With the one year anniversary of his passing coming up on January 3rd, I still miss him terribly. I bet there’s some good hunting up there Andy, and you probably come into work whenever you want just like down here. I’m sure God is a dog man too.









Your old boss,


Let us know if you have a good story about Andy?

11 comments to “Where’s Andy”

  1. Bob Ford

    Ha!! I was hunting with Andy many mornings during screaming rabbit chases and asked if he was going to be late. “Dude, I work at the premiere supplier for hunting dogs. We are killing this rabbit before we leave.” Buck, I got off the path and into the brush to get the bunny or he may have been later. He would stand in an opening and listen to hound song.

  2. Steve Purnell

    There are too many times to recount because every time I asked him what time he had to go to work, he would always reply with “9:30ish”, “10:00 or so”, “give or take 9:00″, stuff like that. I never knew what time he ever had to be there! Thanks for the memories Buck!! I remember all the ones you put down and then some!! I sure do miss that man too!! He was the first person I would call with any hunting question or just to let him know “I got one”. This year has been WAY different!! Thanks again!!

  3. Dan Carr

    I routinely talked to Andy mornings while he was hunting or running dogs. I would ask what time he had to work? The answer I always got was “Dude I work for a dog supply company”, then sometimes he would add “running dogs is an acceptable excuse for being late”.

  4. Marilyn Brown

    My favorite Andy story: he arrived (slightly late) to work one day and said he had stopped to ‘rescue’ a HUGE (he made a big circle with his arms)snapping turtle from the roadside and stuck it in the back of his pick-up for turtle soup later. He said it was at least 2 feet wide. At lunch time he went out to his truck to check on his snapper and came back exclaiming that it was gone! Poof! disappeared! well, was there really a giant snapper in his truck? or did a wiley snapper find it’s way out and into the nearby swamp? We still joke about that turtle nipping our ankles at bird dog days. Miss ya AP!

  5. Amy Bravis

    Andy came to work one morning in a tizzy saying he had lost his wedding ring and had noticed it missing after going deer hunting. He had killed a deer the day before and I said, “Andy, it must be in the guts. You gotta go through the guts.” Next day he came to work with his ring back on his finger. “Amy, you were right.”

  6. Cody Mathis

    The first time meeting Andy to run dogs together he was about half hour late I thought those dude isn’t gonna show up, he finally showed up and quickly became one of my best friends. I told him if I’m ever half hour late call somebody cuz something happened to me- Andy chuckled and just said if I’m half hour late just wait longer I’ll be there

  7. Mike Leaman

    Last couple times we hunted I told him to be there at 830 when I actually didn’t plan on being there till 845 or so. Only had to wait for him for 5-10 minutes that way. Really miss the Rabbit Commander.

  8. Dave Sharer

    miss you Andy…. Merry Christmas

  9. Jack Sankey

    To My Friend, Andy
    After almost a year, I still have not rationalized the fact that you are no longer here with us at LCS. You have gone to far-better Beagle running and hunting grounds. All that I know about LCS products, especially Garmin, I learned from you and your patient teaching style. I sure miss chatting with you about anything and everything–especially “what’s good for lunch today?”. I will always miss the many laughs we had, telling tall hunting tales and the pleasure of a good and pleasant man working right beside me. My wish is that all of your loved ones have found some peace.

  10. Stan Breon

    Sure do miss your sense of humor.I never met a man with more love of running hounds than you my friend. Great running to you DUDE!

  11. John Purnell

    I miss you every single day, Little Brother. Thanks Buck for the fantastic stories. Andy sure was the consummate houndsman. He got the love of dogs honestly from a couple of generations of “Beaglers”. And I take pride in knowing he passed it on. He is, and always will be sorely missed.

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