Congratulations to Longtime LCS friend and former employee Randy Barger on his retirement from Penn State today!

All his girls at the dairy barn will miss him. They called him udder magic man.

He has cooked the pig at our bird dog days in years past. This will be our 15th annual Bird Dog days festivities, which will be on Sept 2 2017.

Now he’ll only have 3 jobs. He’s one dynamic guy.

Enjoy Buddy. …. Buck

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  1. Amy Bravis

    Congratulations Randy!

  2. Joe

    Great day today (Sat Sept. 2nd, 2017) despite the rain. Great sessions with the professionals and good food for all. My wife and 13yr old son son and a wonderful time. He was able to shoot an over under Benelli and my wife enjoyed Dr. Metzger’s talk on dog health. Wonderful day. We drove over from Bethlehem, PA. Was worth the trip.

    Thanks Again,


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Buck Bass Fishing

I love bird hunting behind my own bird dogs but spring time is for pre-spawn smallies. Dogs are enjoying the sun outside on their kurdura dog beds. The small mouth bass are really turning on here. I’ll be on the Pennsylvania rivers in my little G3 jet boat enjoying the pre-spawn bass fishing action.

19″ early spawn predicted. Now is the time for the big ones.

Hope you had a great hunting season with your dogs.


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Roger Hover Grandson

Here’s a great photo submitted by my friend and renowned dog trainer and guide. Rover Hoover and his grandson,  Dusty is 13 now and a very proficient wing shooter. Last week, he shot at and killed 6. We thought I made him gun shy when he was 3 out dog training. Evidently he’s gotten over it.

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Seasons Greetings to all my wonderful customers and friends! I’m John “Buck” Koritko owner and founder of Lion Country Supply (LCS). Thanks for making this my 42nd year as owner a success.

This Christmas season finds me soul searching. Suffice it to say that my extended western hunting and fishing trips agreed with me. At age 65 I think it’s time I begin looking for my successor. My doctors and wife concur. This presents a once in a lifetime opportunity I would like to extend to my loyal customers and supporters first.

If you think you have the ability and the backing to be the next owner of “The World’s Premier Hunting Dog Supplier”, I’d like to hear from you. Just send me a letter to transition@lcsupply.com explaining your background and why you are qualified and I’ll get back to you.

All that aside. Merry Christmas and hug your dog for me. Enjoy what’s left of the hunting seasons!

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This was Titan’s first hunting season and on our first day out he found us this bird.  He’s had a pretty good first season so far but still have a lot of work to do.

Titan is dog of Josh P.

We will be sending him a certificate and a LCS sticker.

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  1. Joe GentilcoreIII

    You’re the Greatest.

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Did you, your children, or family member recently get their first kill this season? Whether your first kill is a game bird, deer, or even bear. Send us a picture with a little story. We will feature you on our buck’s blog as well as send you a LCS First Kill Certificate and LCS decal.

Please send all first kill photos and stories to webdev@lcsupply.com.

Thank you and happy hunting,

~ Buck

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Randy Barger

Pictured above is Randy Barger with a monster Pennsylvania archery whitetail. Randy is a former LCS employee and lifelong friend. He cooks the pigs for our annual customer appreciation Bird Dog Days event. He has a side job as a butcher shop here in central Pennsylvania. His letterhead reads, “Can’t beat Randy’s meat”. He does a great job. He sent me this photo of this Pennsylvania buck he just butchered with a 20 and 1/2 inside spread. My biggest is 13 and 1/2. I can’t sit still!

Please LCS hunters, send us your hunt success photos and a little story to webdev@lcsupply.com and I’ll post them on my blog and send you a LCS sticker for your truck.


Autumns best,


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  1. Darren Wyckoff

    My boy knockin down a monster.. Missed ya at Bargerstok this year Buddy. I’ll be up Thanksgiving weekend. We’ll have to have a drink if your home…

  2. Paul Heasley

    So happy to have Randy process my buck as well as recommend Dan Hannah to do the taxidermy work for me. A memory to reflect on for a long time to come. As impressive as the buck was, these two guys impress me with their passion around deer hunting! So glad they both help me.

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My longtime friend attorney Tom Schaffer Jr sent this photo of his son Trey’s first pheasant. Congratulations Trey. I’m so glad you’re following in your dads footsteps. He’s a dynamic individual as was your grandpap. I’ll send you a present from LCS to commemorate it!

Tom is a serious bird dog man and raises beautiful hard hunting Gordon Setters. He hunts Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virgina. In lots of George Bird Evens old sports. I’ll join him in Canann Valley for a woodcock hunt next week.

Thank you Tom and Try. See you both next week!

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  1. John koritko

    It really makes me mad when my multi media guys
    Don’t remove this required website field. My friend and customers don’t have websites. Is there anyone out there that help with fixing things like this? Please email me mr buck owner of lion country supply. Dogmen who like writing are also needed. Thank you ……buck

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This past week I got the chance to get into the woods with my dogs for some woodcock hunting. I had a successful few days, but with the woodcock also came ticks. My dogs must have got into a nest of them because Trey (aka Lucky III) was absolutely covered in hundreds of ticks as seen in the video below. I highly recommend keeping our LCS Flea and Tick Comb with your hunting gear and comb down your dogs after each hunt.


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Buck Truck Front

John Koritko, the owner of Lion Country Supply, is selling his 2004 Toyota Tacoma Twin cam V6 SR5 truck with an 6 hole truck topper. Asking for $15,000 for both.


2004 Toyota Tacoma twim cam V6 SR5 with the TRD off road package. Four wheel drive and automatic. Truck has 153,000 miles. No rust with new frame and suspension, which was recently replaced by Toyota during a frame/suspension recall. Bought it new.

Buck Truck Side

Truck Dog Topper:

The truck topper is a high end, double wall stainless steel fully insulated 6 hole cap box with 50-gallon water tank, high volume fans, and lights. This truck topper was custom built for Lion Country Supply’s owner by Jones Trailers of Texas. We will consider selling the Dog Box Topper only. Would be $12,000 brand new!



Contact Lion Country Supply at 1-800-662-5202. For serious offers, will arrange to meet at Lion Country Supply store front to view truck and topper.


13 comments to “Toyota Tacoma and Dog Box Topper For Sale”

  1. Rick

    What are you asking?
    Is it 4wd?

  2. Chris

    How much for both and how many miles are on the truck??

  3. John Koritko

    I will contact Mr. Koritko and find out and get back to you.

  4. John Koritko

    I will ask Mr. Koritko for more information about the truck and get back to you.

  5. Brian

    How much for the truck, the topper and an official looking note that I can hand my wife explaining that I need two more dogs to fill up the box in order to balance out the ride whuch will save on tire wear?


  6. DAN

    how much for the truck..how many miles…

  7. John Koritko

    The truck has 153,000 miles on it. John wants $15,000 for both the truck and the topper.

  8. John Koritko


    Yes it is 4wd with the Toyota off-road package. He is asking for $15,000 for both.

  9. Joyce

    Why do people ask questions about the information that’s already in the add! People read!

  10. Dave Hutchinson

    Is the Toyota still available?

  11. John Koritko

    Yes, the Toyota and dog box is still available.

  12. Tim

    Is this truck still for sale

  13. John Koritko

    Yes the truck is still for sale.

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