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  1. Jeff White

    Thats funny right there

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We lost a good friend of Lion Country Supply this summer. Chuck Robbins of Dillon Mt left this world the way he lived it. Enjoying gods beautiful outdoors.

He was a dynamic individual. He and his wife Gale lived at and ran the historic Spruce creek rod and gun club for years with their bird dogs. He loved and lived everything outdoors. Fishing, hunting, dog training, shooting, writing, photography and all at the same time. First writing in the State College newspaper then national magazine articles, books, wrote blogs for LCS and was passionate about the Sage birds. He took me on my first Montana hunt for sage birds where he walked me into the ground. He was tough and as true a Bird Dog Man that I ever met.


Chuck’s outdoor knowledge and with a slow deep voice way of telling stories will always make me smile, catch you later Chuck.

We’ll hunt in the happy hunting ground next time with Katie and Bubba and…

Good journey my friend….. Buck


Read more about Chuck Robbins:

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PSU International students enjoying a laugh at breakfast with Mr. Buck.

The guy watching from outside makes me wonder. Cheers Buck

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Thought I’d share this video that a Customer sent from Montana.



These are wild Huns in his back yard. Got me fired up with hopes of a good year for Huns at least. I’m wondering how the Sharpies are doing out that way.

The grouse brood sightings in Pa are few and far in between here in central Pa. reports from customers are more encouraging in the Allegheny National Forest and more Northern Pa counties.

More Good News:

My lifelong dream of my own Bird Dog Training Grounds has had me busy all spring and summer. In April I bought a small farm near our home at Auction  from elderly bird dog friend. Just 57 acres but my own spot to hunt and train.

I’ve been planting food and cover strips for liberated birds amid the forage crops already there for market. Planted a apple orchard and now 3 Better LCS Johnny houses are ready for Chukar’s and quail to work our dogs.

I’m having a ball but have lots to learn about farming. I’ll be making some videos that I think you all will enjoy of my farm and training grounds.

Stay tuned.

Yours for birds! …… Buck

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Hunted with a Real grouse Hunter Jimmy Duchess Friday up north in the Allegheny forest.


Here is his 2 pointers Bogo and Giblets. George bid Evans wouldn’t approve of those dog names. Or Jimmy.. but I do. We was huntin with Giblets day after thanksgiving.    cheers…..buck


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  1. Tom Sankerson

    Mr Bluck,

    I saw you hinting up in the Allegheny National Forest. IS all of your dogs trained to break on flush? I was amazed when I saw that happen because I thought the dog should be steady, but I must be wrong.

  2. Robert Melani

    I reside in CT and my son recently purchased a Side-by-side Ugartechea 16 Gauge from you and we our having great difficulty finding ammo. in the state? Example: Dick’s Sporting Good’s does not carry 16 Gauge at all. Cabela’s and Bass pro shop is phasing out of 16 gauge.

    Your cost to ship to CT is $15. to $25. per case.

    The above mentioned sporting goods stores paint a dis mole picture for 16 gauge?

    I need your input regarding the future of 16 gauge shotgun’s?

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I am still only shooting pointed grouse with my young dogs. This morning, I had a season high seven grouse flushes but Trey and Lilly only pointed two, I missed one, killed one. They were all singles and it seems to be mostly all big older birds both here in PA and West VA. My flush rate is only grouse 1 every 2.5 hours. Hate to kill them, and then it is just woodcock or birds from a box.


I need to try Michigan, something drivable for me. I have never been to Michigan, but next year for sure. Get your dogs out!

Autumns Best ….Buck.

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  1. Michael Jones

    Several years ago, while hunting bear in the U.P. of Michigan I took several days and hunted grouse with a friend who had an excellent bird dog. I have never had so much fun in my life. I know that grouse run in ten years cycles from very few to “all over”. Apparently we hit it at just the right time. We both bagged our limit every day that we went out. Contact (Running Bear Camp) in Pauding, Michigan just outside of Bruce Crossing. In September it’s the most beautiful place in the world.

  2. Mick Brown

    I did plenty of grouse and Woodcock hunting over the years.My dogs were Smith Setters and some GREAT dogs from local breeders. I hunted the UP of Michigan and Ohio, Wva and Pa. When numbers around here went down I got into falconry and my dogs died of old age and I use long hair mini dashhounds that I get from Teddy Moritz. I also do some breeding of my own. I would highly suggest you going to the UP of Michigan it would be the hunt of a lifetime for you.

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I didn’t take many photos on my Montana bird hunt. Here’s one of me and I’m Lucky 3. Aka trey. Deuces son and heir to the Lucky cover boy legacy as my 6th generation of bird dogs from my first setter Tina. I love him. He pointed Sage, Sharptail, and Huns and ran like the wind on the prairie. Beautiful to see for me. I’ll look for more photos and post them…. buck.


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I leased 15 acres and a local farmer planted 2 bags of sunflower for me to attract doves and serve as feed and cover. It holds birds I miss or aren’t calling back to my mini preserve and it looks great. I used certified seed which was 60 per 50 vs 35 for standard black oil. Not sure it matter a lot.

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As we bird hunt the big loop thru Montana we’ve met a lot of great people and many customers. Raining today and I’m in need of rest. 8 miles a day is tough on me.

A longtime LCS customer, Pat from Helena, offered to lend us a hand yesterday. He had introduced himself after seeing the LCS sign on my rig at a gas station.

Yesterday, he offered to show us what type of cover we should be hunting- it was a short course in finding Sharptail of sorts.

We had been hunting for higher prairie grass that was open to hunting but he explained Sharptail like more open Prairie where they can see. My dogs stretched out beautifully and ran big 300, 400 yards and pointed all kinds of birds including Huns and Sage Grouse.

Thanks Pat.

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If you want to try hunting Montana, there is lots of open hunting land. State, federal, BLM and more but be ready to walk 6 to 12 miles a day. My Garmin Vivofit shows an average day for me. It is a great tool not just for hunting but daily motivation. So easy to use, even I can use it. No computer setup, just put it on and it counts steps, time, calories burned, and is a great looking watch with date. Free shipping if you mention this ad.

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  1. Joe Lint

    Was looking forward to more reports on how your hunt was going. Where you hunted, what you got into etc. please keep us posted as we have heard how tough the hunting might be in MT and it would be great to get an on the ground report from a true bird hunter. BLM is federal land by the way.

  2. Steven Stiner

    I really like the blog buck!! I’m sure the scenery in Montana was amazing.

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