Summers here and my dogs got May off. Too many little birds and critters in the woods that need left alone. Planting food and cover strips at the Birdog Training Grounds is almost done. My renovations and Airbnb plans for the farmhouse  are also progressing nicely.

Appropriately on Memorial Day I received this family photo. This handsome young man is Nicholas Koritko. Yes there’s more of us!

He just graduated from WVU and has completed his ROTC training. He has earned a commission and will soon be proudly serving his country.

Cheers to Nick. The entire Koritko clan is all very proud of you Nick and wish you great things in the future. Please come visit us all again in Lion Country real soon.

Highest Regards…….Uncle Buck

3 comments to “Nick Koritko Graduates From WVU and Completed His ROTC”

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  3. Walter Holokai

    Dear Buck,
    I’ve been out of the bird dog game for a number of years now. I used to buy a lot of stuff from you back in the day. It’s nice to see you looking so good and still going strong. Best wishes always! Cheers!

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