Worst weather ever for 1st day of buck season in Pa., maybe ever.
It rained all day. This is the view from my deer stand in the middle of The Birdog Training Grounds. No one moving -not man or deer. I loved it anyway.
Some Huns we’re moving about in spite of the rain. They were feeding in the Sorghum strips eating fallen millet and sunflower seeds. My hard work this summer grooming the fields made for a satisfying day in my new perch.
The big bucks we were watching are safe for now. Hope to see them next summer and fall feeding in the clover.
I hope my planned airbnb guests enjoy them while visiting for Penn State games and enjoying the State College, just  8 miles away.
Back to running bird dogs.
– Buck

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  1. Rob Brewer

    need advice on lyme disease. Need a good knowledgeable doc for consultation. Who do you know that is good?
    ps. I did design for several of your catalog items,whelping box, bird box,etc.

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