I am still only shooting pointed grouse with my young dogs. This morning, I had a season high seven grouse flushes but Trey and Lilly only pointed two, I missed one, killed one. They were all singles and it seems to be mostly all big older birds both here in PA and West VA. My flush rate is only grouse 1 every 2.5 hours. Hate to kill them, and then it is just woodcock or birds from a box.


I need to try Michigan, something drivable for me. I have never been to Michigan, but next year for sure. Get your dogs out!

Autumns Best ….Buck.

2 comments to “Wild Lilly and Trey III find PA Grouse”

  1. Michael Jones

    Several years ago, while hunting bear in the U.P. of Michigan I took several days and hunted grouse with a friend who had an excellent bird dog. I have never had so much fun in my life. I know that grouse run in ten years cycles from very few to “all over”. Apparently we hit it at just the right time. We both bagged our limit every day that we went out. Contact (Running Bear Camp) in Pauding, Michigan just outside of Bruce Crossing. In September it’s the most beautiful place in the world.

  2. Mick Brown

    I did plenty of grouse and Woodcock hunting over the years.My dogs were Smith Setters and some GREAT dogs from local breeders. I hunted the UP of Michigan and Ohio, Wva and Pa. When numbers around here went down I got into falconry and my dogs died of old age and I use long hair mini dashhounds that I get from Teddy Moritz. I also do some breeding of my own. I would highly suggest you going to the UP of Michigan it would be the hunt of a lifetime for you.

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