If you want to try hunting Montana, there is lots of open hunting land. State, federal, BLM and more but be ready to walk 6 to 12 miles a day. My Garmin Vivofit shows an average day for me. It is a great tool not just for hunting but daily motivation. So easy to use, even I can use it. No computer setup, just put it on and it counts steps, time, calories burned, and is a great looking watch with date. Free shipping if you mention this ad.

2 comments to “Walk Walk Walk”

  1. Joe Lint

    Was looking forward to more reports on how your hunt was going. Where you hunted, what you got into etc. please keep us posted as we have heard how tough the hunting might be in MT and it would be great to get an on the ground report from a true bird hunter. BLM is federal land by the way.

  2. Steven Stiner

    I really like the blog buck!! I’m sure the scenery in Montana was amazing.

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