As we bird hunt the big loop thru Montana we have met a lot of great people and many customers. Today, it is raining and I am in need of rest. These 8 miles a day are tough on me.

A longtime LCS Customer, Pat from Helena, offered to lend us a hand yesterday, he had introduced himself after seeing the LCS sign on my rig at a gas station. Yesterday, he offered to show us what type of cover we should be hunting; it was a short course in finding Sharp-tail of sorts.

We had been hunting for higher prairie grass that was open to hunting but he explained Sharp-tail like more open Prairie where they can see. My dogs stretched out beautifully, ran big, 300 to 400 yards, and pointed all kinds of birds including Huns and Sage Grouse.

Thanks Pat.









2 comments to “Sharptail from Montana”

  1. Randall barger

    Hey buck hope you are finding good hunting areas looks beautiful out there.have fun and be safe

  2. Randall barger

    Hey Buc,
    Looks beautiful out there! Have fun and be safe!

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