Greetings from Montana. I’m about to realize a lifetime dream of hunting wild birds out west with my own dogs!  I will be gone for 3 weeks and hope to keep my friends posted here on Bucks blog.

This photo by Dave Brown is of my string of Lion Country Setters resting along the Big Horn River. (Their Dad “Deuce”, now 15, is home resting with his sister Rosa.) Roger Hoover and Dave Brown drove them out in the LCS rig. The hunt starts today as they pick me up in Billings and we hunt our way to Lewistown.


We’re armed with a Garmin Drivetrack and Montana Huntmap chip that shows all open hunting land. BLM , state, Federal in different colors. If these blocks touch the road and has good cover we’ll stop and hunt it. I tested this last year after the Garmin new product meeting in Olanthe Ks. last fall.

Hunters: This is very cool and indispensable for traveling hunters. No more scuffling maps just see it coming as you drive!  Learn more here on LCS blogs for next few weeks…

Thanks to my wife Janine for her support and my new general manager Steve Stiner and the LCS team for holding down the fort.

Autumn’s Best……Buck

3 comments to “Bucks Big Hunt”

  1. Jim Chambers

    Enjoy Buck wish I could have gone with you.thanks for keeping us updated.jim Chambers

  2. Roger Lynch

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. Joe L

    You did not mention the Block Management Areas. Did you get the maps for these from Fish, Wildlife and Parks.? They show tons of private land open to hunting. Not sure if the MT Hunting Chip would have those BMAs identified, if so great, if not get the paper maps. Have a continued great hunt.

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