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John Koritko, the owner of Lion Country Supply, is selling his 2004 Toyota Tacoma Twin cam V6 SR5 truck with an 6 hole truck topper. Asking for $15,000 for both.


2004 Toyota Tacoma twim cam V6 SR5 with the TRD off road package. Four wheel drive and automatic. Truck has 153,000 miles. No rust with new frame and suspension, which was recently replaced by Toyota during a frame/suspension recall. Bought it new.

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Truck Dog Topper:

The truck topper is a high end, double wall stainless steel fully insulated 6 hole cap box with 50-gallon water tank, high volume fans, and lights. This truck topper was custom built for Lion Country Supply’s owner by Jones Trailers of Texas. We will consider selling the Dog Box Topper only. Would be $12,000 brand new!



Contact Lion Country Supply at 1-800-662-5202. For serious offers, will arrange to meet at Lion Country Supply store front to view truck and topper.


14 comments to “Toyota Tacoma and Dog Box Topper For Sale”

  1. Rick

    What are you asking?
    Is it 4wd?

  2. John Koritko

    I will ask Mr. Koritko for more information about the truck and get back to you.

  3. John Koritko


    Yes it is 4wd with the Toyota off-road package. He is asking for $15,000 for both.

  4. Chris

    How much for both and how many miles are on the truck??

  5. John Koritko

    I will contact Mr. Koritko and find out and get back to you.

  6. John Koritko

    The truck has 153,000 miles on it. John wants $15,000 for both the truck and the topper.

  7. Brian

    How much for the truck, the topper and an official looking note that I can hand my wife explaining that I need two more dogs to fill up the box in order to balance out the ride whuch will save on tire wear?


  8. DAN

    how much for the truck..how many miles…

  9. Joyce

    Why do people ask questions about the information that’s already in the add! People read!

  10. Dave Hutchinson

    Is the Toyota still available?

  11. John Koritko

    Yes, the Toyota and dog box is still available.

  12. Tim

    Is this truck still for sale

  13. John Koritko

    Yes the truck is still for sale.

  14. brent Kroll

    is the truck and box still available?

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