Myself and the staff at Lion Country Supply would like to wish my good friend Ed Radar a happy 80th birthday. I’ve met Ed at wild wings to shoot quail the last 2 years. Wild Wings has the closest thing to wild birds that I’ve ever seen. Several thousand acres of wild, supplemented cover and lots of big coveys hold well for your dog and flush hard. Break open guns only, but double shotguns this is my favorite place for no limit shooting.

Dogmen, Wild Wings owner tracey Leiske, now has a 12 bird trainer package that’s very affordable. It’s the best way to prepare your pointing dogs for wild coveys in western states. They learn to really hold and smell that’s there’s more. Fun stuff but whoa break em first.  Belly collar to stop on their flanks. Ed adds a neck collar for handling. His dogs are straight up on both ends and a sight to walk in on as you can see from these photos.

This year as a 65th birthday present to me I’m heading to Montana in September and then Texas and Arizona. I hope to do a better job sharing my bird hunts on here.

~ Buck

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  1. Michael

    Happy 80th birthday Mr. Rader! Hope to see you at Bird Dog Days at Lion Country Supply this coming September!

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