One of my setters from the last litter is now for sale by Nick Mellon at Hypointe Kennel Murraysville pa. 2 year old male fully trained I think.  Beautiful dog.

Call Nick at 724-333-3006.


– John “Buck” Koritko

2 comments to “Setter for Sale”

  1. Donald Rath

    Love your website and did order items for my dog .looking forward getting my items . Plan are ordering more very soon .I got your Web from a gun store on long island in Huntington were I bought ammo and my rifle and scope it’s called Camp site Thank You

  2. Paul Heckenlaible

    Hi John “Buck”

    I’ve been a customer for some time, Amateur Trainer of my two Brittany’s. I’ve Always been attacked to the Field English
    Setter! I live in Lodi, Ca. Since this is your Breed of choice,
    What advise, recommendation for a breeder? Interested in a female pup. Intense bird drive, but biddable temperament. Game
    hunted here is Pheasant, Chukar, Quail. Thank you.

    Sincerely, Paul Heckenlaible

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