Jim Chambers Setter Pointing Woodcock

My good friend Jimmy Chambers of Walnut Hills Kennel sent me this photo taken during a recent training session with his fancy setter dog Walnut Hills Spot Blue. Blue was steady to wing and shot in the photo.

On March 14, 2016, Jimmy’s dog Blue pointed 3 woodcock during a primer pistol training session near his home in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Jimmy said that while training two days prior there were no woodcock found in that same location, so he believes the woodcock are migrating through his area of Southwestern Pennsylvania right now, at this very moment.

I think it’s interesting that the RGS spring migration satellite map shows there was a tagged woodcock in Jimmy’s location around that same time he was training.

Jimmy is the owner of Walnut Hills Kennels and the owner of English Setter Walnut Hills Rockett. Rockett is the littermate to CH Full Blast and my Speed dog. Rockett will be having a litter in the fall of 2016 if anyone is interested.

You can contact Walnut Hills Kennel at 412-691-0196 for information about the upcoming litter.

Visit the RGS website to follow the American Woodcock migration live by satellite….buck

One comment to “Walnut Hills Kennel Setter Pointing a Migrating Woodcock”

  1. Darren

    The woodcock migration satellite map doesn’t show any woodcock heading through Central PA but I know several people have seen them.

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