Buck with Champion Full Blast and Mark Hughes

I’d like to share with you an interesting story about an English Setter named Full Blast that has accomplished some amazing things in the grouse woods over the past few years.

Full Blast is owned by my good friends Dick and Helen Brenneman and Bob and Janet Watts, and was bred by my lifelong buddy Jimmy Chambers of Walnut Hill Kennel. Full Blast is handled by Dave Hughes of Hughesview Kennel, and I’m proud to say that Full Blast is the full brother to my Speed female. Her puppies Trey and Lilly featured on our 40th anniversary catalog are by my coverboy Deuce aka Lion Country’s I’m lucky too. (Tip. Pro trainer Nick Mellon has a nice male down south that he might sell.)

Full Blast “Jeb” started to shine at an early age. His desire to stand bird led to wins in some quail shooting dog stakes. After winning the cover dog derby award (Flanagan Award) in 2012, he was having a very impressive beginning, eventually leading to a Grand National Grouse Championship in 2015.

Local challenges are where Full Blast began to prove that he had the vigor and concentration to win under very competitive environments. The Lost Pond Open Walking Shooting Dog in the spring of 2013 in New York is an event he won out of 44 entrants, and a short time later he had a 1st place at the DuBois Open Walking Shooting Dog out of 34 entrants. Later that year at the Michigan Woodcock Championship, he had all three woodcock and a grouse find during his hunt to capture him another win in a field of 61 dogs. After Michigan, he was awarded Runner-Up at the Pennsylvania Grouse Championship held in Marionville, PA. It was obvious Jeb was building momentum for future championships.

2015 Grand National Grouse Champion Full Blast

In the spring of 2014, Jeb returned to the Marienville grounds to win the Ontario Grouse Championship with a grouse find in the closing minute. This impressive win eventually led to five-year-old Jeb winning the 73rd Grand National Grouse Championship in 2015. After four days of running the Allegheny National Forest against 49 of the best cover dogs in the country, Jeb was declared Grand National Grouse Champion.

As bird dogs are asked to perform under tougher conditions, the dogs that are able to hunt birds under these conditions often shine above the others, and this is something that Full Blast is very good at doing.

All of Jeb’s Championship wins came with his pro trainer Dave Hughes. Dave deserves much credit for shaping Jeb into an exceptional dog.

Full Blast is sired by 5X wildbird Champion Pennstar, and now Full Blast is siring pups that are winning a lot too!



3 comments to “Setters and Pointer Stud Dogs”

  1. Jim Chambers

    I have been introduced to many top pointing dog trainers by John (buck)Koritko amateurs and pros . When I purchased Jebs momma from good frien Randal Moore and asked Bucks opinion on who to breed her to Buck did not hesitate and said Dicks PENNSTAR. The rest is history ! Thanks Buck and Dick Brennman for picking training and campaigning this special bird dog !!

  2. Deb Fields

    Could you please let me know how I can get in touch with you about purchasing a female English Setter pup.

    Thanks. Deb Fields

  3. Jim Chambers

    Miss Fields , Don’t know when Buck will b having a litter . I’ll b breeding littermate to Full Blast and Bucks female in the fall . Thanks Jim Chambers

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