I ran into this interesting young fella at a Pennsylvania Game Commission pheasant area last week. We got to talking and he told me he was 80 years young, so I asked him to hunt his pointer Billy along with my Speed dog. He surprised me with his pace and amused me for two hours with his stories.

He made my day better as I slowed down for a rare moment and shared a cup of his black coffee.

We talked of the “local’ past grouse breeders and trailers we both had the privilege of knowing. Larry Wilson, Rich Tuttle of Pleasant Valley bloodline fame. We spoke of Doc Flannigan of Grouse Ridge fame, and the greatest pointer line ever, the Elhew line of Bob Wehle.

Then he told me I looked familiar. He said you’re the guy on the catalog cover with your daughter!  He went on saying he bought his Filson vest and his check cord, and in fact all his stuff from LCSupply for years. He talked about my humble beginnings and that my wife is a lawyer, he dang near told it all. I was humbled and amazed, and proud.

Thank you Charlie Anderson of Cherry Run PA.

– Buck

Interesting Young Fella

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  1. Jack Sankey

    Good story and post, Buck! You seem to meet some very nice and interesting folks wherever you go.

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