After a day of grouse hunting with my long-time friend, official LCS Field Tester and professional grouse hunting guide Roger Hoover earlier this season, he sent me a graphic from his iPhone walking app that indicated he walked 7.0 miles and took 15,585 steps during that hunt. That distance didn’t surprise me because my muscles felt like we walked 7 miles busting thick hillside grouse cover all day.

Roger is age 65 but often puts on 9 mile days during his guided grouse hunts. And while my doctor tells me to do at least 10,000 steps per day to stay healthy, I can tell you serious grouse hunters put on 6-7 miles of walking on an average hunt. So during the grouse hunting season I know I get my share of exercise, and I always wear my Garmin Vivofit Band when I’m hunting or on days I’m a toad because it gives me an accurate count of my daily activities.

Garmin VivoFit

My Garmin Vivofit Band tells me what I need to know without relying on a GPS unit or smart phone app. It’s easy to use and at a push of a button it tells me how many steps I took and calories burned for the day. It also automatically calculates and assigns my daily goals, and unlike some other fitness bands, it even tells me the time without the need for a computer. You can also link your Vivofit up to a heart rate monitor and sync it to Garmin Connect to get charts and graphs details of your activity if you want all of that information.

I highly recommend the Garmin Vivofit. It’s a good product for monitoring your daily activities.

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    Excellent info Buck! Keep writing these blogs for us!!

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