Grouse and woodcock season started this past Saturday, October 17th, here in Pennsylvania. I took all 5 of my setters up to my grouse camp. The first day I had a few birds in the Allegheny forest but not many.

Here is a nice grouse I bagged Saturday morning first day. Moved three grouse and two woodcock in the am. Took a friend and his 8th grade son, Mitch, in the afternoon. We bagged two woodcock and one grouse. We had a ball!

Bucks First Day Grouse 2015

4 comments to “First day of Grouse and Woodcock ’15”

  1. Dave hughes

    That’s not a bad day John. Tried to call you several times. I got the perfect dog here to breed with your Full Blast littermate Speedy. Call me

  2. Jim chambers

    How come when you take me we get zero? Then reply by me Jim you’re score is always zero except on woodcock. Buy a proper gun Jim ! If God wanted you to shoot with stacked barrels, he’d have set your eyes that way.

  3. Dave

    How did you cook those birds up?

  4. Brian Bastow

    This is your neighbor to your grouse camp. Let me know when you will be up next. I have a few places that I have been seeing grouse this fall and I wanted to show you them. They are fairly close. Also I have seen several ring necks and will show you where if your interested.

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