Ford has lived his entire life in rural Pennsylvania except for the three years he was in Seminary.  Bob bought his first beagle with paper route money in 1985—and his life has gone to the dogs ever since that day!  Ford attended college at Penn State, and has bachelor degrees in Anthropology and history, as well as a minor in Middle East Studies.  Rev. Ford earned an M.Div and an M.T.S from The Methodist Theological School in Ohio, and is an ordained United Methodist pastor.  Bob has hunted with beagles from the Quebec border to Alabama, and writes monthly columns for The American Beagler, Better Beagling, and Hounds & Hunting.  He is the author of the “Beagle Tales” series of books, which are compilations of short humor stories that celebrate the beagle as a hunting companion and cherished pet.

Bob Ford

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