We were training puppies Saturday on quail. Here’s a photo of my friend, Rob Veronesi, and his 15 yr old daughter Bebes with their Lion Country’s Bosco pup and his daddy my Deuce dog. It makes me feel good to help eager young hunters and trainers. Bebes is a special young lady and Bosco (Italian for woods) is another Lucky dog! He lives with his uncle Duke (AKA El Machina, in Italian meaning “The Machine”). He’s another Lion Country setter that is a full brother to Deuce. He is going to be a Dandy.

Lion Country Hunting Dogs

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    have a new pup with a chestnut left ear.i have a catalog from years ago of a setter that pass on very young,but still love the photo.53yrs ago I purchased a hemlock setter,that I shoveled side walks to pay for it.i was 13yrs old.

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