Gluten-free Rise Bakery is now open in Adams Morgan. (Becky Krystal/The Washington Post)

Congratulations to my son Mike. This story of his new gluten free
bakery called RISE  on 18th street in Washington DC just made the
Washington Post!  You all can post a comment there online Washington Post or
at his website  riseglutenfree.com . If you  know anyone with Celiac or
Gluten intolerance please spread the word. I bought some of everything at
his opening and it was the best GF pastries and bread…  and  I’ve eaten a lot
of cardboard GF stuff in the past. We brought back RISE pumpkin and apple pis for
Thanksgiving and they disappeared. Try the croissants bagels and danishes very
tasty stuff! If you haven’t already, please like Mike and his brand new small
business on Facebook. America does work if YOU are willing to work very hard at your
dream. Good luck Mike!! Im proud of you!

Thanks,  John “Buck” Koritko

aka DAD

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