IMG_9269Jim Chambers sent this photo of himself taken before there were selfies. Obviously this is from his way way way way younger days. Seems our circle of friends is smaller than you think. Jim Chambers was an Olympic hopeful back then and divided his time between us rabbit and pheasant hunters and the blue bloods at rolling rock estate.  Back then he ran the stable for Colonel Rockwell at what is now Nemacolin and has also trained hunters and jumpers in Ravena,  Ohio. He has always bred and hunted with labs for ring necks but now has seen the light. He now hunts grouse and breeds champeen setters! Jim has always been in the bird dog Mafia, just the wrong family. He can’t get out either!



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  1. Jim chambers

    Not Rockwell Johnny ! Richard (King) Mellon at Rolling Rock in Ligioner !

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