I cannot tell you how proud I am that Dick and Helen Brenneman recently picked out a Lion Country puppy to try in the grouse trials.  Their dogs run in Grouse Cover Dog Field Trials and they currently own a three-time champion, Full Blast, aka Jeb.  He also has won the coveted Purina Grouse Dog Award the last two years in a row.  We are proud that a handler of his caliber would try one of our puppies!


5 comments to “Future Grouse Champion Puppy Chosen by Dick Brenneman and Named Buck”

  1. Andy

    Buck that is a very nice pup. It is great you got him into Dick’s kennel.

  2. Buck

    You’re right I’m proud that he would take on one of my dogs. My best shot of breeding a champion cover trial setter with the best amateur trainer I know

  3. Dr Fred Metzger

    Here’s a photo of the third and last puppy
    To go. Kingsley will reside on cape cod
    The Keer Family . Tom Keer is an avid bird
    Hunter ,professional fishing guide and
    Outdoor writer.Our mutual friend Roger Hoover
    Generously Offered to meet Tom half way
    A prime example of the Pa bird dog mafia
    In action. Just remember tom once you
    Get in , theres no getting out… Chow

  4. Jessica

    Awesome! I’m sure Buck will be great in Dick and Helen’s hands and I can’t wait to see all the trails he will win!

  5. Jim chambers

    Hey Buc talked to Dick the other day he said that pup is a real firecracker . He likes the pup a lot at this early stage . Talk soon Jimmy

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