IMG_0614.PNGChubs, the puppy on the right, is a Lucky puppy for sure with two lovely young ladies to love him and a great bird dog his uncle Duke at home to teach these pups the fine points of handling grouse! This is their second lucky puppy from me and now the girls call me Uncle Buck!  …Hey I’m Lucky too! Dick Brenneman chose the pup on the left. I’ll tell you how he decided in another post soon… What are you gonna name him Dick?




Looks like Chubs has quickly taken to his new home! Thanks guys!




2 comments to “An Update From Beebes and Chubs!”

  1. Rob Veronesi

    Thanks again for the wonderful pup. He is very smart . He is almost house broken already. And pointing bumblebees, too. You can’t go wrong with a
    Lion country setter!

  2. Beebs

    Hi Uncle buck,
    My puppy is the best one ever. He is so sweet and he loves to play. Thank you so much for letting me have him. We have officially named him bosco, with the nick name “chubs.” I will keep you posted on how he is doing.
    Love Beebs

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