Lion Country SupplyI came to my senses and I have decided that I am selling two puppies. This is a touch decision as I usually keep two but after six weeks of managing pups and my own four dogs, I think reality has set in. These pups are 6 weeks old now and will be ready to go soon. I don’t sell my pups often, in fact these are the first puppies I am selling in 20 years so now is your chance to own a Lion Country Setter. The dad of these pups is my cover boy Deuce aka “I’m Lucky Too”. Deuce’s father is 5x champion Grouse Ridge Reroy and his mother is Lion Country’s Duchess who is out of Lion Country’s Lucky and Jeb’s Dot Too.

The Mother of this litter is Lion Country’s Speedstar aka “Speed”. Speed is out of Dick Brenneman’s champion PennStar by Jim Chambers’ Crackin’ Tail Speed bitch. Speed’s brother is 3x champion Jeb aka Full Blast. He has also won Purina “Cover Dog of the Year” and won the coveted Semitore award for grouse dogs. You can view Full Blast’s (Jeb’s) and Speed’s Pedigree here and Pennstar’s pedigree can be viewed here . We’re working on getting Deuce’s up as well. I’d like to place these pups with an experienced bird hunter, trainer or trialer so they can reach their full potential. The puppies are $1000 each and $200 down to reserve your pick. If you are interested and have any questions please contact Julie at juliek@lcsupply.com . I’ll will post more videos of the pups soon with an email to follow.


3 comments to “Lion Country Setter Puppies For Sale”

  1. Jessica

    The puppies are looking so big and great! Can’t believe how much they’ve grown since their birth day!

  2. Jim S

    We are looking at a basket full of AWESOME! Bring them in to LCS! There are many “puppysitters” there!

  3. Jack rosenswie

    Grouse pups are beautiful …… Great job!
    Jack R.

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