The puppies are doing great and Speed is still being a great mom! She is still keeping everything clean for now though that will change soon. Just two days ago their eyes opened and they are now stumbling around and are also starting to bark which is pretty entertaining. We are handling each puppy every day to help improve their socialization. Here is a photo to show you how far they have come already. They are growing fast and are starting to fill up their whelping nest!

These pups are growing fast!

These pups are growing fast!


3 comments to “An Update On The Puppies”

  1. Jim S

    Makes me think of Ranger the first day he reported to work at LCS!

  2. Jack rosenswie

    Pups are Beautiful! October is coming!

  3. Jim chambers

    Pups do look great John ! Hope to c them soon . Jimmy C.

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