I want to tell you about Jessica Mayes’ new business called Advanced Animal Reproductive Services.  She collected Deuce and artificially bred Speed when she had spurned his best advances.  She came to my kennel, tested him first for sperm count then came back and bred them twice while I was away and charged a very reasonable price of $500.  Deuce can hear her SUV coming a quarter mile away!  She also collected him to freeze and charges $100 per year to store the straws.


Jessica Mayes of Animal Repro Services

This was way less than a Philadelphia repo vet who insisted I stay over and be there at 8 am for $1,600.  She even helps whelp the puppies!  If you’re having trouble getting pups you should see if there is a similar reproductive tech in your area.   I’ll supply her web address here.  Thanks Jessica and Dr. Fred Metzger for hooking me up so to speak.



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  1. Jessica

    Thank you John for letting me part of your first breeding in so many years!! Speed is such a sweet girl and going to be a great mom! And of course, Deuce is a really nice male with the best temperament! I can’t wait to see these puppies develop!

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