Wow did we have a crazy night! When I left you, we were 2 hours into labor and she couldn’t get the first pup out . I called Dr. Fred’s reproduction tech Jessica Mayes who did the artificial insemination and offers whelping assistance too. She came right over with oxygen and her bag of tricks but after two more hours, we headed to Metzger’s Animal Hospital. Dr. Fred left his Easter dinner and immediately and c sectioned the dog. We knew from X-rays last week that we had a really big pup in there and he was stuck in the birth canal. Jessica helped revive them and all 5 puppies are doing great! Speed had 4 males and 1 female! I can’t thank Dr. Fred and Jessica enough!! Deuce thanks them too and is a proud papa. If you see him, he has the doggie cigars to pass out! Here’s a photo of my good buddy Dr. Fred Metzger with the new Lion Country setter family and that’s me!

I’ll return with the story of Jessica and her animal reproductive services business. It’s really cool and boy not that expensive either. Sure cut back on my wine bill on this litter! Speed is being a great mom and I have some more cool puppy picks and videos coming soon so stay tuned to bucks blog!


As you can see, Dr. Fred Metzger was just as thrilled to see Speed's litter

As you can see, Dr. Fred Metzger was just as thrilled to see Speed’s litter

Dr. Buck assisting with Speed's C Section

Dr. Buck assisting with Speed’s C Section

Speed’s litter had 4 boys and one girl. Two of which are tri-colored and those are my favorite!

22 comments to “The Puppies Are Here!”

  1. Jim chambers

    Congradulations my Friend ! I know you’ve been waiting a few years for this litter . Hope to come up and c them on Rick Smith and Derby week end . Jimmy at Walnut Hill

  2. Jack rosenswie

    Pretty neat! Congratulations on the new Grouse boys and girls ….. as always, your dogs are your Kings and Queens! They are beautiful …..glad the Mother is doing fine! This breeding is “is second to none” in the Grouse World! My hats is off to your Vet and his Staff ….. Congrats to them!

    Jack Rosenswie “Grouse Commander”

  3. John Schaal

    Brother Buck, So you really are a grand father again. My grandson Will told mr to pass along a few names for the proud Lion Country Lafamilia, CHASE, RYDER and MARSHALL. I wish you were closer, I would love to bring Will over to meet his new cousins. Congratulations to all. JB

  4. Tim Nalepka

    Congrats, Buck! Great looking pups. Are they all spoken for??

    Hope all is well from the Nalepka’s.

  5. Ronni

    Congrats on the pups, Sunshine!

  6. Rob Veronesi

    The much anticipated puppies have arrived! John Koritko
    generously gave me DUKE, who is Duece’s bother and the uncle of these pups,11 years ago. Duke is the best dog I’ve ever known. he is a loving member of the family and a natural bird hunter. When he was only 1 year old my Dad and I took him to Missouri on a wild quall hunt.
    He found, pointed, and retrieved birds without any training. This prompted my Dad to call him “La Macchina”
    This mean The Machine in Italian.

    Thanks johnny

  7. Rob veronesi

    The much anticipated puppies have arrived! John KORITKO gave me Duke, duece’s brother and the uncle of these pups, 11 years ago. Duke is a loving member of our family and a great hunter. When he was only 1 year old my dada and I took him on a wild quall hunt to Missouri. He found, pointed, and retrieved without any training at that young age. That prompted my dad to call Hume La Maccina. Which mean the the machine in Italian.

  8. Dr Fred Metzger

    Speed (the mom) was an unbelievably great patient! She was much calmer than grandpa Buck! Uncle Fred ( Metzger Animal Hospital)

  9. Rob Veronesi

    The much anticipated puppies are here!! John Koritko generously gave me Duke, who is Duece’s brother and the uncle of these pups. Duke is the best dog I’ve ever known. When he was only 1 year old my dad and I took him on a wild quail hunt in Missouri. At that young age and no training he found, pointed, and retrieved birds. My dad proclaimed him La Macchina,which means the machine in Italian. Thanks Buck.

  10. John koritko

    Thanks you guys for the comments! It’ts great to see my friends ,family and customers checking in on Buck’s World. The search engine gurus say I got to get sociall but as Chuck Robbins said earlier here ” I didn’t know Buck could spell blog. Well Chuck you can teach Buck new tricks. New para. I’d like to see some photos of your pups comin’ back at me! If you need help sending it just add that after your comment and my webmaster Matt will email you step by step instructions. And YES. There is one puppy not yet spoken for! I saved one to Give Away right here on Buck’s Blog. watch for here thanks for posting! …..buck

  11. SandraPleban

    Bucky I,m on your blog!!!!!!!!Proud to have more nieces and nephews,

  12. Breann

    So excited for the new additions! Uncle Fred sure is excited, Haha!! Carter can’t wait to come play with the puppies when they are old enough

  13. Jack Rosenswie

    Glad to here all Pups and Mother are doing fine. Before you know it, they will be in the Grouse Covers of PA. If they are anything like to parents, they will be Grouse Machines ….. breeding is the “key” and these little ones have the Grouse in their blood. Great Job John on this litter!

    I am very Proud of my Grouse Hunting Friend!

    Jack Rosenswie
    “Grouse Commander”

  14. Jake Farm

    Glad to hear the pups are here! Hey Buck, where did your dogs come from? What line are they?

  15. Jim S

    Congrads to the new litter! Can’t wait to have more running around here at LCS!

  16. John Bravis


    I remember when I first met you 30 years ago and you had your Bliss and Satin female setters. One (Tina?) just had a litter of pups and I took some photos of the pups with your son, Michael. Michael was young and barely sitting up, with pups playing all around him.

    Speed reminds me of Satin. Any bloodlines there?

    John Bravis
    LCS Elite Staff

  17. Dave Brown

    What gorgeous pups, Buck. Makes me want to start breeding again. What advice to you have for the first time breeder?

  18. Mark Zepp


  19. Rick Smith

    I’ll trade ya for a Brittany.

  20. john koritko

    Dave Thanks for your question! I know you breed some nice Munsterlanders so first I’ll suggest you change breeds.Just kidding.Be sure you can devote 2 to 3 months to staying home and making sure nothing goes wrong.This is a big commitment and one I do only ever 6 to 8 years.Don’t expect to make money..THATS,S the best thIng . IF YOU CAN, find a reproduction specialist OR have your vet commit to be ready to assist day or night and know what they charge. MaKING MONEY SELDOM HAPPENS. kNOWING THAT YOUR OLD DOG LIVES ON IN THE NEXT LITTER IS YOUR REWARD! mAKES YOU FEEL CONNECTED AND 6 GENERATIONS LATER …. iTS AMAZING TO HOLD THESE PUPPIES AND REMEMBER THE WONDERFUL DOGS I LOVED AND THE HUNTS AND THE SOULS OF THE DOGS THAT CAME BEFORE …. PRICELESS! ….BUCK

  21. john koritko


  22. Jack rosenswie

    My visit to State College to see the LCS Pups was wonderful. To hold these guys and girl was priceless. Took several photos of the litter and Mom. All are doing wonderful! Buck’s new kennel is beautiful …. These little Grouse Hunters are very lucky! The smell and feel of the pups brings back the memories of 50+ years of English Setter Grouse dogs and upland hunting!

    Oh yes, is was great to see John again … But, not near as great as the pups! Chuckling!

    Jack Rosenswie
    “Grouse Commander”

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