photoHere’s a photo from a late feb pheasant hunt at Spring Lane hunt Club near Tyrone pa. That’s my best friend  since grade school Jimmy Chambers of Walnut Hill Kennel Jimmy has bred quality labs for 30 years . we co owned and bred some nice Elhew pointers together and Jimmy has seen the light. He traded one of our Elhews to cover trailer  Larry Moore of WV and got one of his last Cracking Tail Speed females.

Jimmy’s LUCK always has been good but I advised him to breed that dog to my good friend Dick Brenneman champion setter Pennstar. Dick kept a pup for breeding and that dog is the best young cover trial in the country 2 years in a row. Full blast or “Jeb ” won the purina and Simatore award last tear and is a 3 time champion already! Talk about Luck! Lucky for me he sold me Jebs litter mate and she’s bred to My Lion country’s I’m Lucky Too. Puppies are about 24 hours away!  Want one?  free? stay Tuned to Bucks Blog!


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  1. Jim chambers

    Nice pic john ! Had a blast hunting those beautiful Pheasants with a couple very nice Setters ! ( luck ) I don’t believe in . Buy a very nice female bred her to best male ( Penstar ) . Sometimes u get a great one ( FullBlast ) and your Speedstar and my Rockett . C u soon Jimmy

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