We received this note from Buck on the afternoon of Easter about Speed’s litter progress…

“It’s been a long four days and Speed is 3 days later than expected on her litter. I’ve been checking on her left and right since we were expecting her to be whelping already. It’s Sunday afternoon now and it looks as if she’s going into labor today so we hope to see puppies before the night is over. Wish us luck!”

Check back for more updates on Speed’s whelping progress…



3 comments to “Puppies On The Way! – Update #2”

  1. Dave H.

    Give us an update on the puppies soon! Is this part of Lucky’s lineage? Can you tell us more about this litter’s heritage?

  2. John koritko

    Be glad to Dave but the old Lyme disease has flared up and nothing is working very well right now. Deuce my cover boy lots of times is the dad. He’s out of lion country’s duchess by grouse ridge Leroy. Speed is out of another grouse champion who died with very little progeny ch cracking tail speed and Dick Brennemans champion Pennstar. Speeds brother 2x champion full blast call name Jeb. He is purine dog of the year won the sim store award and now has 3 grouse championship at 4 years old . Amazing stuff bred by my lifelong buddy Jim chambers of walnut hill kennel. Ill talk more about bloodlines later thank you for asking. I’m going to give one away to a customer!

  3. Jack Zalesak

    Congratulations on the litter of Setters! I’ve been a beagler for 50 years, but I’m really enjoying a GSP that I saved from going to a shelter approximately 2 years ago. This is one amazing animal – he is consistently more gamey than any beagle I’ve ever owned! I feel my next will be another GSP – I like the hound look – but lately I’m also thinking about setters, and will be following your blog to learn what I can!
    Again – congratulations!

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