Finally the future mommy has started labor! She started by acting uncomfortable and began licking herself while panting heavily. I reminded her of the breathing classes but she didn’t think I was very funny. On the first contraction, her abdomen tightened and her tail lifted and by then I knew it was time to call my vet Dr. Fred Metzger to let him know that it’s finally game time!

I haven’t helped whelp puppies in almost 10 years but I remember the anxiety well! My old vet Dr. Straley always said it was harder on me than the dog.


Speed in her whelping box

Speed in her whelping box

Here’s my new whelping setup at the new Lion Country Kennel. The inside Kennel confines the dog for whelping and rearing with a door that slides to allow her outside kennel access. The chair is for me and the reproduction lady during the sometimes long wait between pups. The floor has heating pads under the whelping box and a heat lamp above to keep the pups warm. This is the most important part for the pups!! Stay tuned for updates after we have some pups!

Another view with the waiting chairs.

Another view with the waiting chairs.

Outer view of the whelping box.

Outer view of the whelping box.

3 comments to “Puppies Are On The Way! – Update #3”

  1. John koritko

    Wow did we have a crazy night! When I left you we were 2 hours into labor and she couldn’t get the first pup out . I called Jessica dr Fred’s reproduction tech Jessica Hawthorne did the artificial insemination and offers whelping assistance too She came right over with oxygen and her bag of tricks but after 2 more hours we headed to metzgers animal hospital . Dr Fred left his Easter dinner and immediately c sectioned the dog. We knew from X-rays last week that we had a really big pup in there and he was stuck in the birth canal. Jessica helped revive them and all 5 puppies are doing great! Speed had 4 males and 1 female! I can’t thank dr Fred and Jessica enough . Deuce thanks them too and is a proud pappa. If you see him he has the doggie cigars to pass out! Here’s a photo of my good buddy dr Fred metzger with the new lion country setter family and that me ! Ill return with the story of Jessica and her animal reproductive services business. It’s really cool and boy not that expensive either. Sure cut back on my wine bill on this litter! Speed is being a great mom and I have some more cool puppy picks and videos coming soon so stay tuned to bucks blog!

  2. Big Mark

    Buck –

    Good Luck with the Puppies!!

    Let me know when you need some fishing lessons…..Kelley doesn’t know all of the secrets!!

    Big Mark

  3. Anne Corr

    Well, the Easter bunny brought more than a basket to you, my friend! Good thing you had your Easter Dinner on Saturday night. Love the whelping box set-up for your beautiful mama dog–deluxe. Can’t wait to see the puppies!

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