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The smallmouth bites started last week as the water finally broke the 40 degree mark and would get to 46 by late afternoon each day of the last week. I always catch my biggest fish of the year on the first bite. I caught 32 smallies last week, mostly the 16 to 20 inches class. I fish about 4 hours a go and I went 4 days last week when it really warmed up. I don’t really like crowds so I waited until Monday to go out. The water temp. was about 56 degrees by 2 on Monday and I only caught 4 fish….go figure. The cold front came through on Tuesday and with puppies coming any day, I decided to write a blog to you guys. Wish me luck on delivering the pups! They never come easy for me!


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  2. John Corr

    I now that rock! congrats on the pups!

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