I’m up to my ears in alligators and my spring catalog deadline is in three days!  My catalog team did a great job and you should have it by April 10th!
My friends from SportDog sent this photo from their annual hunt at my grouse camp this past fall. I’ll share it here:

Great friends and excellent dog work on the "King of Game Birds"

Great friends and excellent dog work on the “King of Game Birds”

That’s Steve Kelley and Chris Morgan, national sales managers, and SportDog’s key sales representative, Jack Rosenswie, with his new setter, Rain.  The old guy is me with Deuce’s sister Rosa—one of my best grouse dogs ever…  This photo is outside our favorite watering hole in in the heart of the Allegheny National Forest.  Any guesses which one?

Finally!   I will find out on Friday if my bitch, Speedstar’s, breeding to Deuce last month took.  …Puppies?  Find out soon right here on Bucks Blog!

2 comments to “Working Hard on the Spring/Summer Catalog”

  1. RIchard Elliott

    The liver and onions at the Westline are great !!! Odd I shop your store, you call one of my dinner spots your watering hole, also I love the way a field breed setter works on old ruff in ANF. Leek season and spring training is starting for me, a creek side lunch of trout,leeks and cattail is calling. Maybe someday are paths will cross!!!

  2. buck

    GREAT NEWS! PUPPIES ARE IN THERE! I took MY “Champeen” bred English Setter SPEEDSTAR tomy good friend DR. Metzgar’s Amimal Hospital and he confirmed she is bred to my cover dog Deuce. This means that the 6 th generation of lion country Setters is 3 weeks away from finally happening! MY friends who have been for a Deuce Puppy for 3 years are pumped and IF all works out —- I’ll give one away to a LUCKY CUSTOMER on the LCS website!OH BOY I”M LUCKY TOO! Thanks to “PAPPA DEUCE”

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