Glad Eddie –grandson of my uncle Jack aka The Grouse Commander-  is OK… Uncle Jack sure embellishes a story!  

-Uncle Buck


accidentphoto1 accidentphoto2 accidentphoto3

Eddie was returning from lifting weights last night and hit a piece of black-ice …. he and his lifting friend are OK.  Cut-up a little and their ego hurt a little .  A scary phone call will take the breath away from you at 11:00 PM.  It was a mess because when any truck or car stopped at the scene … they could not get going again … the troopers could not even stand-up on the road.  Eddie was not charged with any violation … another vehicle crashed behind Eddie too.  She checked on the boys and moved on leaving bits and pieces of her car.  The road was solid ice for 50 yards ……!


Without answers, the troopers asked me why there were shotgun shells all over hell … I had not cleaned out my Grouse Mobile since Grouse Season …. they laughed when I told them that there had been over 1,200 “dead” Grouse in that Jeep.  In fact when they rolled the Jeep back on the top …. a male Grouse flushed out of the back seat.  I just knew I was one short in the 2013 season.


Oh well, we will deal with it …. both boys are OK …. it could have been very bad.  They had their seat belts on to save the day and keep both of them in the Jeep.


They had just stopped at Sheetz and bought dinner – salad and shakes were all over hell.


That is the story – Rain (English Setter) cried when I told her that her Grouse Mobile was no more!  The Ruffed Grouse Society will probably want to put this Jeep in their museum.  Chuckling!


-Jack & Marilyn

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