Beaglers be proud! We had our bags checked at the airport by one of the USDA contraband sniffing Beagles  at customs in the Philadelphia airport on Monday! The Customs folks use the Beagles incredible sense of smell to find all kinds of illegal goods from drugs and guns to lesser threats…like fruits and vegetables!? (..just keep reading) I’d been missing for a week as I always take my wife Janine on our island vacation for Valentines day.

customs7We left last Tuesday for Negril, Jamaica just before the big storm hit. I missed all the fun shoveling but boy was I proud to see a beagle “hit“ a guy’s bag. He sniffed this bag thoroughly, sat down and proceeded to paw at it as the handler quickly handed him his treat from her pouch to reward him for a job well done. The officer kindly asked permission and the reached in the bag a pulled out a nice apple. The lady’s face went bright red but was reassured it wasn’t a problem.


I told the people how the Pennsylvania State Police use our warehouse at LCS to train their search dogs and how neat the whole deal was to my employees. Best of all, the officer added that all the beagles are rescue dogs! Cool reentry to the US for this old hunting dog supplier!

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  1. Fake it or use Jamie's

    Looks like that beagle at the bottom brought home the gold just like our Olympians did last week.

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