snowball2 snowball1Now that deer seasons over we are back to chasin’ grouse here in Pennsylvania. Dogs are happy in spite of the snow and cold. Here’s my buddies little dog I appropriately named Snowball!  I have sent Snowball some mushers secret for xmas since it really helps snow from balling up between dogs pads.

How bout this tidbit: Snowball’s  favorite treat is ice cream and this lucky dog gets a baby cone every night when the Dairy Queen opens in summer time.  This years grouse numbers aren’t as bad as we first thought! We’re now finding birds in the winter covers  of laurel and hemlock which is crazy thick stuff. If the snow melts we’ll hunt sunny slopes where they will feed on tea berries and greens like sour grass and strawberry leaves. If there are any grapes left that’s where me and Deuce will be.

See you there…..buck

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