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This has been a very busy 6 months or me and I really enjoyed revamping Lion Country in a lot of ways . You should now have the new fall Catalog in your hand with me and Deuce on the cover (at least the dog looks great!) and lots of new products inside. My daughter Julie is now on the LCS team-(more about Julie later and other bright young rising stars to compliment our veteran staff.) Hope you tried both our newly redesigned websites Lcsupply.com and doubleshotguns.com. They are state of the art and pretty slick to navigate. My staff has everything ready to get your orders out smoothly and me –I’m going to the woods with my dogs!!!

That’s right. Ol’ Buck has had enough of the computer desk and business stuff. I’ve agreed to write a blog everyday but  My dogs and I are officially in training as we got to get in way better shape if we are going to chase wild birds effectively -and that’s the agenda for the now……with a little fishing thrown in. Here’s some photos of some Susquehanna smallies we caught yesterday. 17 smallies 1 walleye 3 fallfish 1 catfish.  That’s my friend and renowned grouse and woodcock guide Roger Hoover (I take him fishing and  he shows me his good grouse spots.)  Goin’ to the woods now!


2 comments to “Gone Fishin’ !”

  1. Schroeffel

    Hey Buck,

    Great fishing pics. Good luck with your training. Which collar does an old veteran like you use for your pups?

  2. Captain

    Deuce looks great! The new website is also a nice fresh look. Look forward to seeing you soon. Save some of jacks good spots.


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