Garmin Alpha

ASTRO, ALPHA ,TEK History    The way I see it , the new combination GPS /E-collars are the greatest new thing to come around for hunters with dogs since kibbled dog food. When I saw he first Garmin Astro at Shotshow years ago I wasn’t impressed with the design although I loved the concept. That first version came with a vest the dog was to wear with the antenna riding on top or use a collar which immediately slipped under the dog’s neck eliminating reception. Garmin agreed to give us a prototype for testing and LCS  developed a new plan! We eliminated the vest and  developed the first counterbalance collar to make the antenna ride up top where it should be . Then , like always , I ordered the first 500 made! Chancey but  boy was that a good move! We had the problem solved and gave away the counter balance collars FREE. We made more friends than ice cream and the rest is history .We baffled the competition then and we continued thru each new  offering that has come after that. Today,  Lion Country Supply remains THE source for GPS/ TRAINING COLLARS !  We have the first in stock , no dropships, best price and no doubt the BEST ADVICE before and after the sale. WE are the ONLY SUPPLIER to offer a FREE SETUP SERVICE! Our GPS collars are setup and shipped READY TO USE with programming done and collars are color matched to with our exclusive reflective color coded collar straps swapped out FREE replacing  the standard manufacturer’s collars .   We send along our exclusive LCS Quick Reference Field Operation Guide,  a laminated quick reference chart that fits in your vest!  I’m not done… then, we also offer our ERS  with a special ID code number assigned to you and a Free 800  number that will allow someone who finds your lost dog or collar to call us, we call you ,LOST COLLAR RETURNED—Happy ending!!  WHY would anyone buy their  GPS collar anywhere else?  A basement deal may seem great at first. Our customers are happy in the long run.   Thanks and good training!

We have the following Dog GPS Tracking Collars Available.

Garmin Astro 320 / DC40
Garmin Astro 320 / DC50
Garmin Alpha 100 / TT10
SportDOG TEK 1.0 LT
SportDOG TEK 1.0 L

Thanks and good training!

John “Buck” Koritko  Owner/Founder  of Lion Country Supply

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