driving dogI got this from my friend Jack the Grouse Commander’s wife Marilyn last week. Since she snapped this photo, I’ve heard through the “grouse grapevine” that Jack has finally seen the light and has quit his drinking.  ( 2 days now! Marilyn says that’s longest he’s gone since junior high! ) Jack –“the Grouse Commander”,  “The Loyal Order of Birdhunters”  are calling a meeting and are all here to support you.  Also , the SPCA has called and will probably be by tomorrow to talk to the dog. …Good Luck to You Both  ..Your Friend ….Buck

3 comments to “Even dogs say their Prayers!”

  1. johnkoritko

    anybody out der?

  2. Jack Rosenswie


    Thanks for the kinds word and support. I know now that you are really my “BEST FRIEND!” What a great photo …. and blog post. I opened a bottle of fine Napa “cab” wine last night to celebrate and congratulate you and your staff on the new Lion Country Supply website. Hands down, it is the best web in our hunting dog industry!

    Thanks again …. The “Grouse Commander!”


  3. BJ Clitherow

    Want to do breakfast again at the Waffle Shop? Call me when you have a second 880-7975

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