ersexampleAn e-collar is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment you will buy to train your dog. After losing multiple e- collars and transmitters in the woods or leaving them on a bench at the park or wherever, I came up with a way to reunite you with your collar. We give you a unique identification number and our 800 # on a stick-on tag when you buy an e-collar from us. We save your unique # in our computer system along with your name and contact information.  If someone finds this “collar like thing” in a parking lot or while walking in the woods and will now read ”IF FOUND PLEASE CALL 800-662-5202”.  They will call us and in turn we call you and tell you who found your collar or transmitter or CELL PHONE. YES Cell Phone! – (We include 6 tags so you have extra!)  Does it work???  YOU BETCHA! We have united countless lost electronics with owners for almost 10 years. They don’t even need to be used solely on electronic devices, I use these on my shotguns! The best part of this service is that IT’S FREE when you buy your e-collar from Lion Country Supply.  There is no annual fee and it really is a big convenience for you. Bought your e-collar elsewhere???   We’ll sell you the service for $10. Ten Bucks for 6 tags with your custom ID number imprinted on all.

-John “Buck” Koritko

2 comments to “The Lion Country Supply E-Collar Recovery System™”

  1. Bob Hutchison

    Great idea Buck although if I were to find one of your shotguns in the woods it may be a while before I give it back…especially a nice 20 or 28!

    (Just kidding of course!)


  2. Jack Orsi

    On a hunt last fall my setter put up a deer in the heavy brush. By the time I realized he was gone and not on point it was too late. Spent an hour or so scouring the surrounding woods and border roads when we get a call from my wife. Fella has the dog about 5 kilometres away. Called the number on the collar and was directed to my home phone. Recovered the dog and the collar! Fantastic, thanks.

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