I’d like to show my readers what keeps me working and striving to improve LCS even after 40 years in business. Here’s a couple of happy customer comments like the ones that get forwarded to me almost daily. My LCS TEAM is the best in this doggone business and these nice notes keep them ALL motivated to do their jobs right. My motto for LCS  always was and is :  TREAT EVERY CUSTOMER LIKE YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED. Hey and guess what? IT WORKS!  THANKS for making our days Better LCS Days.

-John “buck” Koritko


At age 67, I have had two major careers in my life.  #1. Played for the Detroit Lions and #2. spent 40+ years in the financial services industry.  Today, I do a great deal of speaking, consulting, and leadership camps.  My web site is www.greyfieldlegacies.com Point of telling you this is that I work with and consult with top level executives and companies around our country.  Your company, LCS should be considered the benchmark regarding service to your customers.  Service and delivery of that service  is easily said, but difficult to produce.  With a kennel of 9 dogs, I use you guys a great deal, and have ALWAYS received top notch service.  I spoke with Jack yesterday morning regarding a defective transmitter for my bird release system, and today, a new one is at my door… Amazing. And I know that this doesn’t just happen.  You must do a great job leading your troops..


 Strength and Honor,

 John Wright 



Just wanted to say how happy we were with our recent order! You guys processed it and got it shipped out in record time! The collars and tags look fantastic and the treats were a wonderful bonus that the dogs really enjoyed! Keep up the great work- it makes for very happy customers that will return agian and agian!


-Justin and Katelynn Keller


I just wanted to thank you for having by far the BEST customer service of any company that I have ever dealt with. No one I have talked to at Lion Country has ever been anything other than extremely friendly and helpful, way above and beyond the call of duty.
My duck dog Phinny and I say thank you very much!

-Olga Lassalle & her dog Phinny


Received some quail wings for my boy today………….was thrilled to find a few biscuits in there too! Thanks!!
Bugsy said the biscuits were yummy! I had to hide the quail wings 🙂

-K. Lee and her dog Bugsy



3 comments to “Lion Country Supply World Class Customer Service”

  1. Clique Clique Le Boom

    I agree 100% about the great customer service you provide. Especially from the gun counter guy, I think his name is Bill, you should give him a BIG raise!

  2. Jack "Grouse Commander" Rosenswie

    Great photos of the Smallies – they are really nice bass. It must be your second love now – go for it! Get the bass fishing out of your blood stream – only 5 months until we hunt Grouse again!

  3. Richard Buzard

    Just wanted to say “Thank You” again for a great weekend training with Rick Smith. I have been involved with bird dogs over 30 years, watched a lot of videos, and read a lot of books on dogs. I learned more useful information and techniques during this training than all the books and videos combined. Again “Thank You” and Rick for a very positive learning experience!

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