IMG955288My friend Jimmy Chambers just sent this photo of his granddaughter Gracie with a beautiful setter puppy that he has bred which I thought you might enjoy. These pups are out of a sire owned by Dick Brenneman and Bill Watts of Cover Dog Kennels and a litter-mate to my Lion Country’s speed dog. Nice pup and beautiful grandchild Jimmy, thanks for sending it!


-John “Buck” Koritko

3 comments to “English Setter Puppies at Walnut Hill Kennel”

  1. Seth

    “… Bob Watts of Cover Dog Setters.”

    A VERY big pup considering the heavy cover dog line. Pennstar, (which is found both top and bottom in this pup 2 gens back) sure was a good one… Impact Player is on course as well. About the classiest moving grouse dogs you’ll find.

  2. buck

    Thanks Seth and Sorry Bob! Bill Watts was from Uniontown Pa and a famous Beagle field trial dog breeder.He taught many kids the fun of beagle trialing including my nephews -Grant and Garry Lee Friend. First mistake I made ….today Anyway you are right! This pup is huge in my mind too for those lines but JEB-aka Full Blast- the current purina high point derby grouse dog of 2012 is surprisingly big too. The big blue belton types and tricolor beltons are my favorites.I’m trying again today to breed JEBS sister-that I own and call SPEEDSTAR to my main grouse dog Deuce-aka I’m Lucky Too.His sire was CH Grouse Ridge Reroy. Thats lots of good families -They say “Good grouse dogs come from families of grouse dogs” Hope I hit a nic.Wish me luck…..buck

  3. Seth

    Yeah, Jeb is a big(ger) dog especially for that particular line, he was a big pup too. I doubt he’d still be there though if he didn’t have snap and flash they seek in a dog, I’d say, beyond all the other desirables where most other operations stop. I’ve got a four month old pup out of Joe I’m ‘working’ with… he’s just having fun. (Last night he was working on a poled homer from the handful of pigeons I keep at the house in an LCS loft.) The dam has quite a bit of the more notable dogs that came out of Ghost Train. Hopefully he’ll make it through development in the next couple years without fingerprint with the flash and class he’ll need to live up to his name ‘Popinjay’… he is a chestnut (tricolor)- something that may hurt him under some judges.

    I just had a female with a lot of Reroy come out of heat, the timing for us would have been terrible dealing with pups and trying to get her back up to speed and the others conditioned for our northern out of state adventures in Oct.

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