BDT2I heard of people using our beeper/trainer  collar different ways but this one is really different.  Coyote populations are exploding here in the northeast and they  are becoming  more aggressive. We certainly don’t have the aggressive bears and wolves in like in Wisconsin but  this may be a great solution/prevention. We have reports of coyotes killing dogs and picking off cats in yards too. Mark Zepp always told me this was a common occurrance in the southwest in Tuscon. Coyotes will snatch a small dog right of the leash there. House cats do not roam around the neighborhood there- not for long (I’d be packin’ ).  I usually run my dogs beeper on silent/point only  as our grouse are flighty but this makes run or track mode on a combination trainer/ beeper  a great idea where predators are becoming a problem. Peace of mind and a warning to mamma bear or all wildlife  that you and your dog are coming is a good idea,especially in the spring. Birds are nesting right now so keep your dogs on roads and  trails and  under control if you like to walk with your dog in the woods or fields! This is the month that is critical for wildlife!  Hope the hard rains hold off for the next few weeks so we get a good hatch of wild gamebirds and bunnies. Enjoy Spring! Hug your Dog!

-John “Buck” Koritko


It’s finally spring in northern Wi. And I just put new batteries in my collar. I would like to tell you how much I use and trust your collar, not just for bird hunting. I put It on and know I can see & hear were my Dog (Scout, a Brittany) is at all times. I Live in the Chequamegon Natl. forest. This time of year the bears are hungry And wolves are afoot also. I can also put your collar on a automatic beep and feel Pretty good that predators will leave the area first on our walks. So thanks for a great product, & it’s many safety uses.

-Lance Loudenbeck and Scout

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  1. coyotehunter

    shoot and skin coyotes…shoot, shovel, shutup the wolves…shoot, eat the bears…collars work good, seems the contacts will wear out over time…I’ve had 2 of these collars in past 10 years…will probably purchase these closeouts…i like the beeper for keeping track of dog in cattails when out west after pheasants…also great for grouse here in wisconsin…better keep on making this collar.

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