John Corr with a 20” 4 lb. 13 oz. Smallie


John “Buck” Koritko with a 20″ 4 lb. 9 oz. Smallie

I just had an amazing day of smallmouth bass fishing on the Susquehanna River that I want to share with you.I had invited  my longtime friend- johnny Corr –to be my guest with an outstanding guide and good guy Brian Dauberman of Koinonia Guide Service out of Harrisburg, PA (John is the same guy who jokingly blogged about building my original fur shed and not getting any credit after the Humble Beginnings Story.) Anyway , Brian took us to a spot above Harrisburg, PA on the Susquehanna and the moon ,the stars or something were all in line because we caught the biggest bunch of LARGE SMALLIES  that any of us could –even Brian!- ever saw. John and I caught 71 smallies with and average length of 17 inches!!!  Including 3 PA Fish Commission Angler citation smallies over 20 inches. Just ALL NICE BIG FISH Maybe 10 total of 14 ,15 and 16 inchers the rest bigger and for 6 hours they kept coming. That just never happened to us before and I want to thank Brian and God for giving me and John a day to remember. Somehow I think Jimmy G. was behind it all. HUG YOUR  DOG and enjoy each day in the outdoors.

– John “BUCK” Koritko

4 comments to “A Great Time for Smallmouths in PA”

  1. guillermo tucci

    boy they are makin them fake rubber fish look just like the real thing these days!

  2. john Buck Koritko

    Mr.Tucci, I invite you to coma catcha da fish wida me.You gonna wanna bringa you big rod an signa da papers it nota my fault when da rubber fish pulla you in!

  3. Rod Bates


    Thank you for fishing with us at Koinonia Guide Service. We appreciate you and your business and thanks for putting us on your blog. Thank you also for giving the credit to God as he is our creator and has Blessed us richly with the time, ability and opportunity to enjoy his wonderful creation. Thanks and be Bleessed……..Rod Bates

  4. John Corr

    Hey Buck, What an exceptional day indeed. Constant action throughout the trip and some amazing fish caught. It’s nice to know that smallmouth fishing in our Central Pa. area can be that good and that there is a healthy smallmouth population in the Susquehanna. Great guide in Brian, great fishing, great setting and great fellowship – I’m still in awe. Thanks again for the opportunity. Now let’s have the same luck on our trout fishing excursions. All the best, jc

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